Wednesday, March 16, 2016

An air of discomfort

The air tastes metallic
Everything is grey
It‘s not the sting it used to be
Not the evil bite of frost
But a hint of cold tinges what you‘re breathing

Your heart is racing, like your mind,
As if they were competing
Trying to reach an end
Only an end
would result in your destruction

So you suck in the air
Taste it‘s humid metal on your lips
Try so hard to force down
Whatever it is that‘s stuck between your ribs
A heart
A breath
Who knows.

Rushing adrenaline
Makes your blood thunder in your ears
Why does it always have to be so hard?
For once, for once, wouldn't it be nice?
Wouldn't it be lovely if for once
Everything could just fall into place
As if touched by a magic hand?