Friday, January 24, 2014

Heart of Hearts

You were my heart of hearts
The blood of my blood
that ran through my veins
my leader and my teacher
my happiness and pain
Several times  I looked to you
To see what I would be
The roots of my tree
The trunk to my branches and leaves
You were the wind
And I‘m just the rustle
A faint echo
Of your hustle and bustle
You were most precious
And my moving power
The force that affected my being
A tower, a beacon of light
For my eyes
The light grew too bright
It blinded my sight
And now I will never see it again
My very beginning has met its own end.

Monday, January 13, 2014


I'm standing here frozen as I watch you strip down,
Every cell of your skin displayed until it feels like I‘ll drown.
You say you want to see me exposed and bare;
You say you want to see me for who I am…

But I don‘t care:

 Once you have seen the scars and cracks,
It‘s too hard to turn back.
That picture of perfection that you idolized is left.
The love in which she bathed,
Will slowly fall away,
And leave nothing but the truth,
And the truth is hard to take.

I ask myself continually if you even know,
What you‘re asking of me when you beg me not to go?
I can’t stay just a little and let what clothes me slip.
It’s not a safe place just to let it go and strip.

But you won’t quit:
Once you've felled the robes around me,
It cannot be unseen:
The soft expanse you crave exists only in your dreams.
My skin is caked with scabs,
And riddled in scars,
You’ll see your vision fade-
But don’t blame it on the stars.

It’s hard to let you see the truth when you so love your dream.
It’s hard to ruin everything your loved one hopes to see.
In one fell swoop I made you see that your goddess could bleed
That nothing is infallible and even love is weak.

And so don’t speak:
I’ll wait a little longer
Gather up my robe and cloak
Until I get a little stronger.
Just because love is weak tonight-
Doesn't mean there isn't hope.
It seems like a cruel joke,
A ride on an oar-less boat
But if you can stay it out…

Maybe one day I’ll let go.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Incongruent discrepancy

For some things you can't imagine an ocean of words that could describe them,
yet the only way to explain them is one word.