Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who was the one bleeding?

Suppose we all leave a little blood in our wake
You sure left yours in my trail
But who was the one bleeding?
And I used that little charm-bracelet you gave me
To etch new worlds
Into the palm of my hand
Always hoping to find you there
But you were long gone.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Wave the Flag

Half the time you spend on the ground
Shouting at ghosts without making a sound
Eyes glazed from the effort of trying to cry
You can‘t fathom why your eyes are still dry

Sometimes on long summer evenings
You trick your brain into believing
Maybe tomorrow you can give up hope
But you've been hanging at the end of that rope for so long

What does it matter if you can‘t let go?
Who is going to be able to tell?
Your life is a figment of a figure in hell
And if nothing changes you‘ll take your leave
But somehow you can‘t make yourself believe that you will

Hope is always the last thing to die
It hangs like a lone white rag waving in the sky
It‘s a desolate vision in the rubble of life
It hurts to see something good dirtied
in the midst of ruins and lies

But there‘s no good left except for this illusion
A thread, a fiber, to battle the final conclusion
And if the concrete has made its way into your heart
And if everything life threw your way has rendered you hard
Then isn't it time to give up everything else?
Hope is no more than an excuse for living shells.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Love of Yesterday

We always say things like “forever“
As if we know what‘s meant to be
And you could tell me I‘m no better
Even if my ears would bleed
I know you‘re right:

People change
And in a wave
You‘ve become the love of yesterday.

16 years is young to settle
My heart was always stubborn though
And I spent years of worthless battles
Trying to not get over you
I know you‘re right:

People change
And in a wave
You‘ve become the love of yesterday

All the pains I took to overlook what everyone could see
All the work I gave, the ways I paved to give a piece of me
Today has been a long time coming
Let me retract my once sworn loving

And you were right, cause people change
And in a wave
You are the love of yesterday

And maybe now I‘m free to say
I used to love you vehemently
Cause in a wave
You are the love of yesterday.