Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ordinary Dreams

I‘m writing a goodbye letter to all my sidetracked dreams
The ones that are so ordinary you don‘t notice they are there
Until you realize that nothing is as seems
And that you never wanted those things so they vanish into air.

I may have phantasized about the names of my own kids
And wether they would have His eyes
But I finally realize that nothing‘s what it is
And so you‘ve got to choose your prize

And the family I yearned for when I was 8 years old
All the love I longed to create that wasn‘t there
I‘ve realized those were all silent dreams of home
Born within a hope that went amiss

I‘ve been craving things that have nothing to do with me
Wanting what we‘re told to want for the sake of wanting
I‘ve been wanting a life and unexpectedly,
I‘ve realized that all of these things have meant nothing.

I am not a person who will ever settle down
And to a family I have nothing I could give
My wishes were of taking, I was greed-bound
But dreams of  lusts leave you with nothing to live.

So if I wake up one day a different person than I am
And I find I‘ve gained a sense of giving
Then maybe I can dream those dreams again.
Until then I‘ll do my own living.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Shore

So it's come to this again
the rain is pouring
on the earth where I stand.
I'm still just myself
And I know, I'm sure
you know what I mean,
I feel like the writing in the sand.

Every wave that hits me
is your words undisguised.
You just keep me busy
and it's not advised
that I see that dark note in your eyes.
It makes me dizzy.
I feel like,
yes I feel like,
I feel like the writing in the sand.

Made of art by a steady hand
but fading
on this earth where I stand
and the earth is shaking.
I feel like the writing in the sand

I'm slipping away,
I can't pretend
that I don't feel,
yes I feel like,
I feel like the writing in the sand. 

Writing in sand, by Mrs Logic