Thursday, May 30, 2013

Whispers the Wind

Your violence was ever present
underneath the surface
I never quite escaped the way
you always made me nervous

The Earth, she told me: "Let it go"
but I could never listen
Your howls were pounding at my door
demanding our submission

I was a clever straw
in bending but not breaking
but Earth, she never quite foresaw
her plates would soon be shaking

And your oppressing whispers
slid through crevices and cracks
and we could waste our wishes
but we'll never get it back

That picture of perfection
that your thrumming words once drew
it was never our reflection
cause our version's always skewed

It gripped our mind, for her and I
we wanted you around
but you only knew one way in life
and it wasn't on the ground

And to this day I bend my mind
to capture the lost meaning
of painful wounds the Earth still hides
and dreams I don't believe in.