Sunday, October 27, 2013

Altering the Universe

The world folds onto itself.
Colors change shade as light bends.
The tide pulls out then falls in.
One thing ends and another begins.

We weave with intricacy,
our stories aside of literacy,
our knowledge and intentions,
each a thread for expansion.

And if ever there should be a mistake,
we can nip, tuck, remake.
It's not so difficult, or adverse;
Altering the Universe.   

Via E. Jenner

I stood at the door
of a place that was home,
touched the cool metal
and like memory foam
it bent to my fingers
their imprint was made
and even with all of the years
gone to waste:

It's story is capsuled,
enclosed in my skin,
It's etched in the rocks,
it's carried within
and knowing our future-
the end that awaits-
it makes it that easier
to let go of it's gates.

Material things,
both mortal and not,
we must be contented
with the time we have got.
A farewell to my childhood,
the shelter I had,
the place that once was
the roof over my head.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Foster the insanity

Oh you‘ve gotten comfy under my skin
And I don‘t ever remember letting you in
You hide in the corners of my mind
Niggling away until you rob me blind

Sweet syrup, stick to me
Make me what you think I should be
I’m so much better with you here
I can almost disappear

I can hear your whispered words
vicious taunts are meant to spur
I know you don’t mean to hurt
All the world becomes a blur

Sweet syrup, Valentine
Seep into my broken mind
I’m so much better with your lies
I taste hell in paradise

Can’t remember being myself
We don’t need anyone’s help
You’ve taken to that leather belt
Your words they sting me, leaving welts

Sweet syrup, sanity
Break my heart and make me bleed
I’m so much better with this need
I can almost disappear.