Monday, December 16, 2013

Of easy exits

You‘re failing yourself:
Just falling through space.
Nothing to grasp-
It‘s a last escape.

If you don‘t even try
It‘s like wriggling out
From the tight spot
You don‘t care about.

Then no one can say
It was right or wrong;
They can‘t judge your value
If you never perform.

And if knowledge is power
And ignorance bliss,
You can never have either,
You‘re just caught in the midst.

Between twilight and sunrise,
Between darkness and light
And if nothing comes of it
You can still say „I tried“.

And who could contradict you?
Who could ever negate,
When it seemed like such effort,
Well you skillfully played.

Because acting is easy,
Whereas action is hard.
Because work must come second
To an instant reward.

So you‘ll hover forever
And you‘ll never touch ground,
Not one thing or the other,
Always destiny-bound.