Friday, September 19, 2014

Burdens of Flesh and Blood

Your heart, my dear, is a heavy burden;
A heavy burden but you choose to bear it.
The pride is evident when you flaunt your choices.
You take the prerogative to judge,
But don’t judge me my dear, if my heart is light,
So light that it is non- existent.

Your heart, my dear, is a heavy burden;
A burden of flesh and blood: Without respite.
And you’re welcome to bear pride in your own choices.
Just don’t judge those who don’t share your readiness
To suffer.

Carousel of Colors

They've told me: “further away can move you closer.”
 But you’re the farthest you’ve ever been and I don’t feel closer at all.
Maybe it just pertains to this mortal plane,
The place you’ve gone is substantially further— too far.

And why must I spend every day, thinking about it?
Why can’t I just move on like they say I should do?
Because everyone is imaginary,
They’re a spinning carousel and the colors smudge out.

You can grasp a horse’s lip here,
A tail, a rein, some sparkling pearls;
Well the parts are not the whole by far…
None of it makes sense until you stand still.