Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Land That Kept My Secret

There is a place,
(it isn't well known)
on the face of this Earth,
Where the Moss Campion has grown.

There is a lake,
it's waters freezing still,
where once upon a date
I gave up my free will.

And to this day,
where the frozen snow rests
and heavily weighs
upon a violet's chest

There lies the thing
I cherished the most.
With the broken string
of my childhood host.

There evergreen,
lies my spirit to fight
next to these peregrine
treasures of mine.

There is a place,
(it isn't well known)
on the face of this Earth
and the Campion still grows

One day when I come back,
the land-overgrown
will greet me, intact,
and have swallowed them whole.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Trinkets for your thinking

For every stupid thing I've said
You have a dime that's worse for wear
You claim the thoughts inside my head
And pull them out into the air

As if a single golden coin
Could be the thing that makes this right
Yeah, to the victor go the spoils
And all my words can spoil the night

They stain my lips, they stain the air
And mark the atmosphere you breathe
They taint the ground on which you walk
Yeah, they can soil your precious streets

You'll never pay me for discretion
You'll never bribe away the truth
I'm so far gone beyond retention
Your efforts are a point that's moot

A dam is loose, a seal is broke
There's nothing now that you could do
No lengths that you could ever go to
That wouldn't perish in the smoke

The Truth will out, the Truth will go
Wherever Truth sees fit to be
And though it have no other place
This Truth will have a place in me

*Dimes are not gold- this is besides the point.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Broken Branches

Hold on to the illusion
that one day it will get better,
Hold on to it because you know
the alternative is bitter

And it’s quicker

To fight with a smile on your face
Instead of counting
the time that you waste

We had some words
Yeah, and we always came apart
I never found my way back to the start

And I can tell

You never really adjusted well
In this purgatory or hell,
you know...the place you dwell

You’re in limbo in my mind
And I’m stuck in the rewind
Wrote it so many times –
if only I could find

Just a way-just a sentinel,
some road to follow
I would beg, I would borrow,
I would give away tomorrow

Does it matter really?

You slander me so freely
It’s not an accident
but a choice you make daily

I’m the broken branches
of a tree with rotten roots
I’m evil too boot and it’s not that cute

I’m just a mean person –
I’m the jerk you love to hate
I’m everything that grates
on your nerves, it’s too late

I can’t be changed.

It doesn’t matter much
All I am is out of touch
I fall behind on
every point of adult life.

And it’s fine

This misery is purely mine
And I’ll love it dearly
until the end of my time.