Sunday, February 24, 2013


If I were a onefish,
it wouldn't be so bad,
to swim along alone
on the paths the twofish tread.

If I were a twofish,
I'm sure that I could find-
another kindred twofish
to share the same mind.

But no, you'll never find me
treading the same ponds,
swimming in the waters
of which twofish are so fond.

And you won't see me splashing
around in the same lakes
where onefish live so happily
despite their lack of mates.

Instead you'll find me dreaming
up on their grassy banks,
on every ivory coast,
near the oceans- on the lands.

You'll find me watching gladly
as all the fish swim by.
You'll find me being thankful
for the way I lead my life.

For twofish may be happy-
and onefish may be glad,
but being' nofish at all
is the best life ever had.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Vortex in the Dark

There's a vortex in the dark

    and you can hear the noise it makes, all shhhhuuuu-sccchhhuuuusshhh, like sanding iron.
Feels like it's going to suck you in.
And you wait in that darkness, hoping that it will evade you, that maybe this time it won't suck you in and swirl you around its big wet mouth like an almost-silent hurricane.
     You wait and you fear and when you can't feel that fear anymore you realize that you are already caught in that warm wet storm, that suction of silence and barely-there-sounds that lap at your muted senses.
     The vortex is pulling you in, the warm rain is seeping through your cold skin. The wind is mercilessly whipping at your body, tearing apart the infrastructure cell-by-cell.
     Until there's nothing left of you.
Except you're THERE.
You're still whole.
Still untouched.
And you wonder, but you know it's not, if this is really all in your head?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

To Time

Time is a slow thing
but it ticks away,
counting in closer
as it goes its way.
Seconds become minutes
wasted in the past.
It's a steady river
but the water changes fast;
Things right now,
they won't ever last.

Holding on tighter
won't change a thing.
Time still moves on
and so does everything.
People and places
you love and know,
they won't be the same
the day after tomorrow.

Park your car here:
lets slip away,
I can feel time beating
and I must obey.
I'm bent under the rules
of nature's law-
If I try to escape
I'll be nothing at all.

Lets run, lets run,
lets change the tide.
Lets run to yesterday
and change the time.
You know they say
rules were made to break
If I don't obey
can I get what I take?