Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bright days in May

Bright days in May
They make my heart break
They raise the veil
From my hidden state

It‘s harder than it seems being the same
Being that girl I was before May
I left your side and walked away
Sometimes it feels like I‘m to blame

Bright days in May
when your time came
I could never decide if I was okay
I know it‘s wrong, I‘m ashamed to say

I wish for things that contradict
And the laws of reason are all too strict
You can‘t want that and then want this
But I can‘t make use of just one trick

Bright days in May
You were taken away
I fought half a battle to get you to stay
But who can I blame?

And now all I do is: I fight myself
I break myself up and I go through hell
I crumble to pieces and I still can‘t tell
If I ever did anything well

Bright days in May
But it‘s too late
A heart takes a beating
then turns to hate

If I sometimes forget the best that you shared
If I often forget to remember you cared
I can trace back each scar to a when and a where
I have perfect recall when it comes to the bad

Bright days in May
And they pass away
Every year the same
A nostalgic replay