Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Spark That Drives

Oh God, Oh God,
Oh not again
I waited 15 years for this to end
Let go, Let go
Just let it go
But there isn‘t a large enough ammount of snow
To freeze this rush before it starts
I wish I could let go of my heart
Why is it always just one nudge?
It doesn‘t even have to be touch...
Just somekind of recognition
15 years and that‘s still the ignition
The spark, the thing that stutters me alive
The fuse is lit, now fucking DRIVE
But no, no, not that
We‘re just at it again
A samba, a tango and it never ends
You shift to the right and I shuffle to follow
Thought I carved that shit out,
How on Earth do we always get back?
Repetitive roller-coasters
Off of our tracks
It‘s not even surprising anymore
I was seventeen years old when I showed you the door
For the first time
A Rhyme
Oh another
Good times
Seems like all we can muster is write out our lives
I‘m a muse of perfection
You‘re a hero of old
An untouchable deity
Made of marble and gold
And I‘ve sworn to you once and again
“It means nothing unless we’re still friends”
We forget
We move on
And you think it’s all gone
You etch paths in your skin
To let someone  e l s e  in
They can try that…but they’ll never win
We’re the terrible two
Fated destiny twins
Oh god, oh god
Oh god no…not again
I can wait no more lifetimes
For this bullshit to end.