Saturday, July 20, 2013

No one Loves the Bitch

Her smile is something else
A fresh take on a song that sells
That catchy tune you hum all day
The right word that you needed to say

Her eyes are bright stars
The cherry of your cig from the side window of your car
Fireflies in the dusk skies
Pools of light gathered to reflect the bright

Her timing is all wrong
Like alternating rhyme-styles within the same song
Like stepping in a car to get out of the rain
Only to crash, burn and die in the flames

You get too much of what you wanted
And too much of what you don‘t
But you can‘t help getting started
You already feel the jones

She‘s the hook on the end of the line
Crooked like a criminal mastermind
She doesn‘t mean harm but she‘s a wreckingball
Can‘t help her purpose, she must obey the call
And you love it, you love every breath
Every second spent to scrape the fun out of her yet
All the good stuff you could get
And you‘re a greedy kid and she‘s the long end of the stick

But you will never win this bet
Ten years pass fast and you can‘t hold on to shit.
And you can‘t forgive and forget
You want what you want but you‘ll never admit

She‘s like metaphoric rain
You‘re a balmy breeze
She‘s a hurricane gone insane
So forget your silent pain
You‘re in luck if she even remembers your name